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Agro-based natural Nutraceutical industry

Sakti Naturals delivers STANDARDIZED, QUALITY HERBAL EXTRACTS as bulk ingredients to various industries worldwide . Over the past few years, the Company has achieved an aggressive growth and emerged to the forefront of analogous companies by the Managing Director.


Sakti Naturals core competency and main focuses are to deliver the scientifically standardized, validated, processed herbal extracts and formulations (capsules, tablets, syrups, powders, cream, ointments, oils, oral liquids) with the preserved original natural spectrum of bioactives, which will simulate the ancient Ayurvedic dispensing practice, to various sectors like nutraceutical, cosmaceutical, food and veterinary feed and agro industries by its R&D, QA and QC activities.

Sakti Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is based on a dedicated Scientific Team, which has an experience of 30 years in the Field of Agricultural, Ayurveda, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biological, Pharmacological & Toxicological, Microbiological, Chemical Engineering and Marketing Sciences. Our ancient practitioners of Ayurveda, Saints and Ayurvedacharyas, used to grow the medicinal herbs in their garden and compound them as a fresh herb, paste, decoction to the patients without altering their natural composition of bioactives.

This practice of dispensing the garden fresh medicinal herb preparations to the patients, in those days, yielded best results in curing the ailments. Over the period of years of development, with the advanced processing techniques and commercialization, the original Ayurvedic practice of dispensing the garden fresh medicinal herb preparations has been lost and natural milieu of bioactives is being greatly compromised in the processed extracts prepared using advanced technology, thereby yielding the inconsistent results.

Our Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance at every step of the process through stringent Quality control measures is the prime focus of Sakti Naturals. A dedicated Scientific Team, with an experience of 15-30 years in the field of Pharmaceutical R&D and Industry, Ayurvedic Industry, Agricultural industry, in India is relentlessly working to assure the quality of Sakti Naturals products. Quality Assurance in Sakti Naturals starts from the selection of the

i) Proper chemotype of the herb for cultivation;
ii) Cultivation practice using organic manures;
iii) Appropriate harvesting time based on the seasonal and ontogenic variation;
iv) Optimum validated processing conditions e.g. drying, extraction, formulation and packings, as per the GMP norms.

Each raw material is subjected to stringent Quality control testing, as per the specification, before the procurement. The
quality approved materials are procured and used for production. In Process Quality control and finished product quality
control are strictly followed to assure the quality parameters e.g...., OPTIMUM BIOACTIVE CONTENTS, BATCH TO
LOW HEAVY METAL CONTENTS, of the Sakti Naturals products. Raw material and finished product specifications
are based on the Pharmacopeial (IP, USP, EP), US-FDA 21 CFR 111&117 and WHO-GMP standards.

“Pioneers in preserving the natural
integrity in processed ingredients”

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